The 5 Best Electric Shavers You Can Buy Right Now

It is a never-ending battle between the traditional wet manual shave and best electric shavers. The manufacture generally considers three factors while competing against a rival in this industry. First is the comfort. The blade in the shavers should be able to move smoothly. Second is that the shaver should be easy to clean. Third, comes, the intended purpose of providing a clean shave. A manufacturer could not sell his electric shaver if it has the low rating on these three factors. Although traditional shaving is popular with some men, technology advancements have given men the striking appearance they need through their unanimous fortress, beards. Let’s see what these five best electric shavers can deliver.

  • Braun Series 9 shaver

The Braun electric razor comes from the German technology that has four best electric shaving options till now. They are 9295cc, 9293s and 9095s. This best electric shaver in the market has got everything including comfort, style, perfection, and niche shaving performance with optimal built; four-way shear system. The sleek appearance is because of the chrome-finished plastic, and you’ll feel getting a perfect close, manual shave experience with ease of use. Installed with levitating grills, two optional foils,4 cutting elements and a strong head pivoting sideways, this non-gimmick manly best electric shaver expert can give the ultimate shaving experience of your life.

  • Panasonic Arc5 shaver

Panasonic Arc5 Shaver is among the finest electric shavers you buy on the market now due to its monumental making and powerful performance in the shaving world. It is for men who carry pride in their brides. Of course! It is the Rolex among the electric shavers, and this 5-blade electric shaver can smoothen off your unruly, thick, and dense beard in minutes. Remove all your stray hairs, and get an ultra-defined beard style with this best electric shaver in the market which stands close enough to the features projected by the Braun Company.

  • Philips Norelco Series 9000 wet and dry electric shaver

The rotatory razors market has never backed down, and this nicely contoured-grip, combating with the best foil electric razors in the market is definitely a feather in the cap movement for the makers. The three rotatory blades in Philips Norelco can flex and flip to produce an excellent close and comforting experience more than a traditional shave could bring. The pro super lifts and cut action’ feature can give the jaw lines and neck the suitable shave without taking much time. This is the most excellent rotatory electric shaver that features a closeness level of 10/10 than others in the market.

  • Braun’s Cooltec men’s shaving system

If you have got the right lotions, shaving creams, and other moisturizers to pamper your hair after shaving, then this inexpensive but ineffable best electric shaver from Braun could offer you a cool shaving experience. Also, Braun’s Cooltec electric shaver is coupled with the goodness of aluminum to minimize the irking experience felt due to tough shaves. The cleansing and renewable station will lubricate this product while charging it. Braun’s Coote took a place among the finest electric shaver one can find in the market for such a cheap rate. If you have the budget to purchase an excellent electric shaver, then go for the Braun Series 9 shaver. It provides value for every penny you spent.

  • Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable foil shaver

If you are one among the thousands that look for the finest electric shavers which are affordable at the lowest or medium budget, then Remington is for you (and for most of us). The intercept trimmer that is located in-between the 2 foils will give you a perfect trimmed look that most of the top electric shavers can’t bring. Why is this best electric shaver celebrated than the other ones? It is because Remington in its category that understands the feelings of an economical shave and shave.